AVN 5.0 Wide Head Unit

The new AVN 5.0 Wide head unit available on the 2020 Kia Telluride now contains a weather widget on the home screen of the head unit. This is an amazing feature added to the Telluride that is a free service!

Please note that the weather information is collected from HD Radio Data. HD Radio Data may have limited or no service in some cities. If the vehicle is in a low coverage area, the widget may load after a slight delay. If the vehicle is in a no coverage area, HD Radio Data may continuously display: "Loading Weather..."

To check if the vehicle is within the HD Radio Data coverage area, please use the HERE HD Coverage map link: https://coverage.here.com/hd-coverage.html

The weather widget will display on the home screen by default. HD Weather data may vary by location and the home screen can be adjusted in cases where HD weather may not load. The head unit has a total of five (5) widget options to choose from:

  • Map
  • Audio/Radio
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Driving Info

The head unit home screen will display three widgets, the default widgets are: Map, Audio/Radio and HD weather. To replace any of the widgets, I have put together a quick little guide for you!

How to Change The Widgets

Select the "Menu" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

HD Radio

Select "Edit Home Widgets".

HD Radio

Press and hold on the desired widget (widget will be highlighted in orange).

HD Radio

Drag and drop the widget into the preferred position.

HD Radio

The three selected widgets on the right will be displayed on the home screen.

HD Radio